Focus Group Workshop for PRO EXTOUR research outputs in Greece

The CITY_SPACE_FLUX Research Unit of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki organized on June 30th, 2021, an online workshop entitled “Heritage- and culture-based experiential tourism as a lever for local development. Needs, challenges, perspectives from the point of view of the stakeholders”, within the framework of the European research project “PRO-EXTOUR: Promoting heritage- and culture-based experiential tourism in the Black Sea Basin”. The meeting was attended by public and private bodies and companies active in the tourism sector with the aim to exchange views and develop a public debate on the promotion of experiential tourism in Greece. The workshop explored the challenges, opportunities, and prospects of experiential tourism, which had been the subject of three related studies that have already been completed: Regional Needs Assessment, Regional Action Plan, and Blueprint for Successful Business Models for the development of experiential tourism in the Greek Regions of Central Macedonia and Eastern Macedonia-Thrace.

A national awareness raising event in Greece is planned in September 2021.

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