Promoting Heritage- and Culture-based Experiential Tourism in the Black Sea Basin

PRO EXTOUR is a project that aims to promote experiential tourism as a sustainable development pathway for tourism business in the BSB by valorising the potential of the indigenous heritage and culture, innovative solutions and cross-border cooperation. It is implemented with the support of ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme with the Grant Contract BSB 1145.

This project recognizes experiential tourism as an unique development opportunity for the BSB area.

History and culture crossroads left a legacy for the future generations, the pristine nature of this region delivered with the traditions of communities is provoking the curiosity of the explorer. Integration of those assets could be a valuable experience for both the service provider and the tourist. Moreover, if the experimental activities are promoted adequately, sustainability will be rooted in the touristic sector.

There are companies and organisations, which offer experiential activities in the BSB, however, they are few and need more attention and support – both at business and policy level. That is why PRO EXTOUR focuses on experiential tourism and creates tools and services to support entrepreneurship in that field.

As experiential activities are personalized and tailor-made, there is a need for more undertakings/SMEs to provide them within a certain area – a chance for entrepreneurship and a way-out of youth unemployment, especially in the non-urbanized districts.

Experiential tourism is
deeply rooted into the search for adventure,knowledge and art in every piece of culture.

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